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This massive drum sample pack includes 24-bit .wav files of:


- Soft and Hard hitting kick 

- Massive snare with flams, rimshots, and open variations

- 5 well-tuned toms

- Over 20 different high-end cymbals

- Stereo rooms for each drum

- Mono room for each drum

- Distant hallway mic for each drum


In addition to the 24-bit .wav files, .tci files are included for those who use Steven Slate's Trigger to enhance or replace drums. 


What makes this sample pack unique?

The 5 toms are configured to in a marching fashion, similar to quads. This spreads the toms further apart as they get lower to make your sound massive!


You've also never heard a room like this. The audio samples have no added reverb - it's just the blended room mics!


Easily add this room sound to any recording with the .tci files to step up your drum game!


SourceTrack Samples - Noetic Pack

$49.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
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